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Who We Are

The Life Sports is one of the leading Sports Academies in Pune, Maharashtra for over a decade. We have pledged to build India as a Sporting Nation. With this as our vision we have made our selves fully equipped to providing with all the essential tools for Sportsmanship.

Each parent today expects their child to lead a life which gives happiness, contentment, balance and an increased sense of achievement and purpose. Parents want to see their children as highly focused, goal-oriented, showing great leadership qualities and keeping their calm in pressure situations. All this and even more such qualities are inculcated in a child through sports !!! Yes, sports activity can support and benefit children and adults alike in building above qualities which will further help in leading a higher quality of living.

We the Life Sports have have a number of sports activity to choose from Zumba in pune. We encourage the members to give better than the best and lead a fit and halthy life.

We believe that a family who plays sport together bond better !!! yes we have many families who take family memberships and play together !!

Badminton academy, Tennis academy, Gymnastics academy, Zumba Fitness in pune, Bollywood, Nutrition Guidance and we have so much more !!!

Take your 1st step towards healthy living with the BEST!!

Program Benefits :-

  • Research Base Curriculum.
  • Developing Life Skills.
  • Encouraging Healthy Life Style.
  • Development of both side of Brains.
  • Developing Resourcefulness.


To create empowered India through healthy youth providing tools for their successful career.


To be one of the top most sports academies in India, committed to overall development of its members.

  • Honesty
  • Deep respect for each individual.
  • Give beyond commitment.
  • Quality above all.
  • Bring smiles through creation.

Game Changers

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